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NOM Sauces are authentic, Vietnamese sauces made by our family for generations.

These fresh, savory sauces make it easy to add the bold flavors of Vietnam to any meal.

Our Story

Ken & Kate are obsessed with the bold, savory flavors of Vietnam. Together they launched NOM Sauce and are sharing their passion for Vietnamese cuisine with the masses!Continue reading...


NOM Sauces are all natural, fat free, gluten free, and oil free. We use only fresh produce, herbs and spices to give our sauces an authentic Vietnamese kick!Continue reading...


Find quick & easy ways to make mealtime more interesting with the bold, savory flavors of our authentic Vietnamese NOM Sauces! Give your meals a delicious kick!Continue reading...

Latest NOM Sauce Recipe:

Spicy Garlic starring in:

Spicy Sauteed Spinach

This is the easiest way to spice up Sautéed Spinach! Just drizzle Spicy Garlic NOM Sauce while sautéing fresh spinach to easily add savory, VietNOMese flavor to your healthy side dish!
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